We offer extensive experience and qualifications to provide our customers with a wide variety of services.

Steel, Aluminum and Stainless Steels

- We supply big or small orders of various metals.
- We produce plans and fabricate metal structures.
- We provide various forms of metals.  Ex. Flat Bars, Angle Iron, I-Beam, Channel, Tread Plates, Sheets of metal, Aluminum grating, Stair Treads to name just a few.


- Cutting Metals (Grinder, Hacksaw, Bandsaw, Oxy-Fuel, and Plasma)
- Bending Metals
- Painting, Powder coating, Clear lacquer for metal
- Finishing and Installing
- On Site mobile welding/in shop welding for building and erecting metal structures.
- Remove unwanted metal pieces.
- Repair metal pieces.
- Weld metal pieces.

All of our welding operations are CWB certified.