Products & Photo Gallery


Ski Lift Chair Swings

We build and sell custom built ski lift chairs swings.  The chairs we have currently in stock are double charis (the orange chair that was removed from Whistler B.C.) and triple chairs (taken out from Vail Colorado) that are the same as the chairs that went up in the new Polar Peek Lift in Fernie B.C.
Products and Photos
Here are some examples of the products that we offer.  We are not limited to what you see here.  If you have something very custom in mind just ask. We are sure we will be able to help you.
Structural Construction
We have constructed many structural pieces such as mezzanine floors, various types of stair cases, indoor elevators, inclined elevators, funicular elevators, over head hand cranes, outdoor shelters, lift towers, over head walk ways, and heavy duty ladders to name just a few.

Hand Railings

One of our most common jobs is fabricating, building and installing custom hand rails.
We build custom headache racks for pick-up trucks and also Semi Trucks, bush guards, custom bumpers, custom boxes and flat decks, and skid plates.
Fences, Gates, and Metal doors
We have built many tall security fences, lockable gates, decorative fences, gates, metal doors and door frames.
Decorative Pieces
We can build just about anything for around your home, the cottage, or around the office. 
Unique Pieces

If you have an idea for anything feel free to run it by us because we will be able to help you one way or the other.
A few things that we have done are: Aluminum ATV and snowmobile ramps, work baskets for ski lifts, man hole covers, wheel chair ramps, cattle crossing guards, and crushed rock sifters.